Jeeto Ghar Say


Education - April 12, 2021

Ways to Improve School Culture

School is proven to be the best learning place for children. The culture has far reaching impacts on the life of students. Almost most of the child learning is in the school. A normal child spends almost 6 to 8 hours on average in the school.  Teacher effectiveness, students achievements, community support and student enrollment are all impacted by different cultural attributes of a school.

Following are some good ways to create a positive school culture.

Student Opportunities

Studentopportunities are very important as it plays a very important role development of student behavior and career.  So in order to improve culture students should be given more opportunities in different types of competitions and extra circular activities. In this way not only the culture of school becomes more fresh but also it help students to obtain peace of mind as it is freshen activity.

Get on Same Page

Every classroom environment reflects your school culture. If you want the real change with the students, the school seniors or adults have to change first. As a staff member, someone need to create a common vision for your school. This means explaining the regular rules of the school and the behavior of the students and the ways to meet them.

When students believe that the rules are fair, good and consistent, it goes a long way in building trust. Mistreatment should not be laughed at in one classroom and punished in another. The whole schools should follow the same set of rules.

Praise students

In order to maintain a good atmosphere the teachers need to praise student for the good. Students don’t care what you know until they know what you care. Many of the students don’t get positive feedback which also affects their studies along with the school culture.

Erin Green of boys town said:

“When kids are taught with a proactive, praise-heavy approach, they tend to do better,”

So in order to improve school culture they should praise students in order to get more out of talented students.

Problem Solving

Many problems get underway and don’t get any attention from students. This is because the teachers don’t emphasize on problem solving. Students are much more likely to recognize and solve the problem when teach by the teachers. Problem solving also helps students to make better decisions in the future.

In conclusion, teachers must emphasize on discipline to improve school culture and students must follow the rules.

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