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Technology - January 16, 2021

Top Health technologies that have changed the world

In this blog we will tell you about some top health technologies that are helping humans.

Humans have be practicing medicine since early ages. First medicines were made through herbs and different plant different tools were invented throughout the history.

As technology continued to advance to improve things around us same can be said about medical world as well.

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Medical Thermometer:

Do you ever think, what happens if the medical thermometer technology is not present in the world?

Before thermometer it was difficult to measure accurate temperature of person. It was done through comparison between two people temperatures.

But now a day’s thermometer is a common thing in every hospital. Thermometer was invented in 1714 by Fahrenheit. It was a mercury thermometer which we still use up to this date.

It works on the principle of density which changes with temperature and mercury was perfect liquid for its use which was chosen after ton of experiments through different liquids.

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Stethoscope a very helpful health technology:


Stethoscope was invented in France in 1816 by Rene Laennec. It was invented to listen to heartbeat of patient as before its invention heartbeat was listened by putting ear near the body.

It was difficult to hear the heartbeat of a person who has fat in his body or a person who has weak heartbeat. Now a days you see every doctor checking the heartbeat through stethoscope.

There are different type of stethoscopes now a days like electronic, acoustic, fetal, and Doppler. And each is used depending upon the circumstances.

The stethoscope that doctors frequently used to check the heartbeat is the acoustic one.

X ray Imaging:

One can easily check their internal injuries especially bone fractures through an x-ray but it was not so simple just century ago.

There was no other method to see the fractures before a German physician Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen accidently discovered X-rays.

When he was studying cathode rays. As he did not know the nature of array he labelled it as array-X from which we know it till today.

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen won Nobel Prize for the first time in 1901 for its discovery-rays are reduced by high energy electromagnetic radiations with wavelength ranging from 10 pico to 10 nano meter.

So, we can say that is is on of the best health technologies that are present in this world.

x ray imaging

Glasses: one of the best health technologies

Glasses also known as eyeglasses or spectacles can be seen wearing by anyone who has weak eyesight.

It’s such a blessing that a person who has a weak eyesight can see clearly through glasses but no one ponders about who invented glasses.

Use of lenses can be found way back in Greek and roman times and there is no proper inventor of glasses.

At first it was first only used by scholars but when printing of books became common and books were available to common people for reading easily.

At that time cases of weak sight ness increased for which glasses for common people were issued.



Antibiotic is a antimicrobial substances that works against bacterial substances. Antibiotic is a antibacterial agent used against bacterial infections worldwide.

They are not effective against virus such as influenza. Most people think that first antibiotic is penicillin made by Alexander Fleming.

In reality antibiotics were first discovered by Alfred Bertheim and Paul Ehrlich which was Salvarsan which is known by the name Arsphenamine now a days.

It was the discovery of Alexander Fleming’s penicillin whose anti-bacterial properties brought antibiotics to mass popularity.

And now antibiotics are used to fight against many severe diseases such as tuberculosis.


Hypodermic Needle

Every has gotten injections not just once but many times in their lives from birth. We use hypodermic needle either to extract or injects fluids into the body via syringe.

But that was not done easily before the invention of hypodermic needles. Greeks and romans used to inject fluids through different tools but that was not so efficient method as there were higher chances of infection or contamination at the point of injection and also severe pain.

The hypodermic needle that we use now a days is invented in mid 1800s by Charles Pravaz and Alexander Wood. These needles are now used to deliver drugs and other dosages into our body which cannot be ingested with minimal risk of infection.

So, this health technology is very useful for injecting different important medicines in our body.

Hypodermic Needle

So these are some best health technologies that are helping humans from several years.

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