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Technology - January 8, 2021

Top 10 programming languages to learn in 2021

Do you want to learn programming and still wondering from which language you should start programming then look no further because here is a list of top 5 programming languages for 2021.  You can learn one of them if you just want to learn and see how programming works but if you want a career based on programming languages then it is advised that you learn just more than one language. Here we are listing top 5 programming languages which we think that will remain on top even in2021 and next few years as well.

programming languages


The language topping the charts is python. Python is a high level language used to develop various kinds of web and mobile applications like one of the most popular web application Facebook is built in python. Python is most well known for making backends of a systems like servers, database. And also used for machine and deep learning. It is also beginner friendly so if you are a newbie in programming you can learn it quite easily. Also the average salary of a python developer is also good approximately $77,000 yearly as it is average an expert in python or deep learning can have double of this amount.

Java script:

It is impossible to be a developer and haven’t used JavaScript in one way or another. Java script is a scripting language mostly used alongside html and CSS to build web pages for interactive experience. According to stack overflow JavaScript is the most famous language among developers for quite some years. The reason for this is its simplicity not only in learning but also to put it into practical use as well. Also in recent it has been used to develop server side code in java script using its library node.js which was considered impossible a decade ago.


The most widely used and well-known language since its release is probably java. Java is an object-oriented language used in almost all kind of development based on the programming language. The reason for its popularity is that it can be run in all kinds of operating system. As long as you have installed java run time editor(JRE). Recently the use of java has declined as compared to its peak days. But still, many developers use java to develop a different kind of applications.


Swift is a programming language used to develop apple products and mobile applications for ios. This is new language introduced in 2014 by apple for developing iOS applications. So if you are interested in apple products you should definitely go for swift. Another reason to go for swift is that there are few developers using swift as it requires macOS. To operate so its skilful developers are also in quite a demand. And there are just more than few apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple watches, Apple TVs. As apple is at the top with its rival tech giants like Google and Microsoft. So it will not be going anywhere for some time. So if you are wanting to learn swift go for it as it’s the language of future.


C# is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. Its syntax is similar to the languages like C and C++. So if you are familiar with any of them C# is not any different so it will be quite easy for you to learn. C# is not only used to develop Microsoft application but also widely used to develop many android applications. Also if you are interested in game development or VR(virtual reality) or AR(augmented reality) you should definitely go for C# as it is used as programming language for the development of games in game engine like Unity.

programming languages


No matter which language you go for make sure that it is related to the field of your interest. Because without interest programming will seem quite difficult for you. But if you were interested in the field you are you will be amazed how programming can make to do amazing things so it will be a source of fun for you as well. Thank You

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