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Education - Technology - February 25, 2021

Role of Technology in modern education

In this blog we are going to tell a few roles of technology in modern education.

All the development in this world is due to the flow of information from one generation to another in the form of education.

Just a few decades ago flow of knowledge was possible only through the books available in libraries or by teachers who teach their students privately or in a certain institution.

But now a days technology has advanced so much that one can just sit around his room and get knowledge of any kind of the whole world.

As a student of this era we cannot imagine our education without internet as any query no matter how small it can be solved just by Google it.

So here we are going to tell a few roles of technology in modern education.

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Online Courses:

Gone are the days when you had to travel far to get education from some reputable institution.

As most of the well-known institution now provide with online lectures provided on their websites. They can be free or need certain amount to purchase those courses.

This is possible only through all the modern technology including internet, computers and many other devices of modern technology.

Role of Technology in Modern Education


Students can now submit their assignments online without having to submit them by hand.

As it is more efficient as it takes a lot of time to collect and check. But with online submission you can also check the plagiarism which tells how much a student has copied of other student or from internet. Which make checking homework fairer for students.

AR/VR Teaching:

This technology which is considered new even in this modernized world is Virtual and Augmented Reality.

With these students can learn more efficiently and with more interest as the VR shows students the graphical real time explanation of what there are studying.

As this concept is new and hasn’t been used much but when it will become common for every educational institution to have AR/VR teaching. It will revolutionize the education world.

Role of Education in Modern education

Electronic Dictionary/Translators

Another wonder of technology is that we can find meaning of a word in different languages just by typing that world which makes learning a foreign language quite easy. Now you don’t have to waste your time for searching the meaning of a word. You can just type that meaning in an electronic dictionary and get meaning in seconds which I think is a quite convenient for the people of modern world.

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