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Education - March 1, 2021

Pros and Cons of Top Literacy Intervention Programs

Difficulty in reading starts from kindergarten and if it continues to higher grades students will be left behind by their peers and will not be able to become a iterate person in society and for these reasons literacy intervention programs have been organized to help needy students who are suffering from reading difficulty. Difficulty in reading may come in various forms like one is not able to decode words into syllables or one can decode but is not able to comprehend how to read the word. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of such Literacy Intervention Programs.


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Build Confidence

Literacy Intervention programs main goal and advantage is that it build confidence in the person who is taking the program. It does so by placing small challenges and when the student overcome those challenges he feels confident in himself which helps a lot in dealing with difficulty I  reading.

Expert Teachers:

Teachers giving lessons are experts of the field and are more able than the normal teachers teaching at school. They know more techniques and more in depth knowledge about the student’s problem. And how to deal with them.

One to One basis teaching

In these programs each student is given special attention as an individual and the exact area where they are facing trouble. Teacher analyze the students about their weakness and then try the best way to finish that weakness from the student.

Literacy Intervention Programs



For these programs to succeed rigorous monitoring over students is required so that they complete their tasks and so abundant students at the same time cannot partake in the program.

Self-esteem of students:

Sometimes student who are placed these special programs seem to have low self-esteem as they seem to see that they are in remedial classes. Which is considered bad in case of students.

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Repetitive course:

The course is quite repetitive and you seem to be doing same thing every day which makes it boring for students.

Adjusting in normal class:

When students get fond of studying in Literacy intervention programs. It seams difficult for them to again come to normal classes as their curriculum and method of teaching is quite different from normal curriculum.

Literacy Intervention Programs


These Literacy Intervention programs are quite useful for the students who take them seriously and greatly enhances the reading ability of students. But it requires a lot of effort from both teaching and learning sides. Thank you