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Education - February 16, 2021

5 Best Online Free Study Tools for Students

With the growth of technology, many online free study tools have come into the market. Just because of the many tools it creates a problem for students which online study tools they must choose. So, there are 5 best online free study tools for students and for those who are learning something on daily basis.


Whatever you write it depends on a lot, your beautiful way of writing can give you full marks in your assignments. Even in businesses, a good piece of writing paper can make a more than million dollars deal. Grammarly is one of the best grammars online free tools that identify grammar mistakes in your written text.

In its upgrade version, you will see the alternative sentences of your long-written sentences because sometimes long sentences are difficult to understand. I will recommend using the free grammar check feature and if you like this online study tool then upgrade will be beneficial.


Taking notes is a key to success for students. Because after lectures you do not need to go through the whole slides and books, it can save your time which you can utilize in other things. Nowadays many software notebooks have come but Evernote is the best of them. 4 Major Advantages of E-Learning.

In Evernote, you can take notes in the form of text, pictures, audio recording and video, these notes can be accessed from anywhere because it saves on cloud. This application is easy to understand and you will understand it in no time. It provides a feature of tags which can help you to find related blogs. So, keep this tool in your online study tools bucket.


If you want to get success in life, then there should be timetable in life. Especially in study life, there should be a timetable for the whole day. If you manage your whole day, then you can learn something new in your life which can be beneficial for you. Learning Computer Science in Modern World.

Schooltraq is one of the online study tools application provides you functionality which can help you to track dates of assignments, quizzes, and many things related to your studies. This app will never let you lose your concentration because it is connected to your both mobile and laptop. Even this application can help you to manage your personal life matters which is good.


I hope you may have known about TED Talks and watches numerous videos on YouTube. But few people know about TED-ED which is one of the best online study tools, basically, it is a study platform which provides you with free educational videos and blogs on many specific topics. The good thing about these types of websites it enhances your knowledge which is good for your studies.

Mostly videos on this website are in animation form which attracts the viewers to watch it with fully concentration level. Videos are mostly under 10 minutes and during videos, many questions come which let you know what you are learning.

Online Courses Websites

Online courses websites are one of the best ways to improve your knowledge. Most common online learning websites are Coursera, Udemy, Udacity and EDX. These websites provide you with free as well as paid courses related to your topics. I recommend you first you should go with free courses because it helps you to understand the environment of teaching in online courses.

Some of the online courses give you tasks which are better to do practical of your knowledge because if you do not practice your knowledge then knowledge will not keep in your memory for a long time. So online courses websites are one of the powerful online study tools.


 I hope you may have known about useful online study tools that can help you to study in a more appropriate way. If you like my article, then give your positive feedback. Do not forget to share with your loved ones.