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Entertainment - February 4, 2021

Top Most Anticipated Movies to Watch Out in 2021

2020 was a very tough year for everyone in the world. The Covid had affected almost every aspect of human life. Similarly, the film industry also suffered a lot from it. Many most anticipated movies of 2020 were not able to release in 2020 and are postponed.

So due to Covid many 2020 movies are scheduled to release in 2021 with many more movies that are to be released in 2021. Here are some Most Anticipated Movies to watch out in 2021.


Release Date: March 18, 2021

Joker wasn’t enough for Jared Leto. So he has decided to join the Marvel Universe too. Jared Will the role of Michael Morbius. The Morbius is the crazy biochemist who makes grave error mid-experiments. He accidentally gives himself a blood type that transforms him into a Vampire. If the films go in the direction of the comics, expect to see Leto face off with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man soon enough.

No Time To Die

Release Date: April 2, 2021

In my perspective this movie is the most anticipated movie of 2021. The James bond  fans are eager to watch this movie. The last Daniel Bond film has had a number of stalls in its process. These includes many injuries. The film was due to come out in 2020 but due to various reasons including Covid the film will now release in 2021. The film features Lashna Lynch as 007, plenty of Madeleine Swann, and a cat-eyed theme song, promising an explosive end to Craig’s incredible era as Bond.

Fast & Furious 9

Release Date: May 28, 2021

Fast and Furious has changed from street racer boys to more of a super hero guys. The franchise with 9 films under their belt is planning more films to engage audience. The 9th film in the series featuring many new stars with the mix of some old characters like Vin diesel and other. The new stars include the Wrestling star John Cena. Dominic and his family face off against Dominic’s brother, Jacob, who is working for his old enemy. We also saw Han reappear in the trailer, which has been big news for fans for a long time.

Mission: Impossible 7

Release Date: Nov 19, 2021

Mission Impossible is a series that is loved by many people around the world. Tom Cruise the evergreen hero is returning to the cinemas with his famous stunts. He will play one of the iconic characters in the seventh installment of the famous spy franchise. Ethan hunt is expected to show some of the dangerous and stunning stunts as he faces off against a very dangerous character which is played by Hayley Atwell. And this is not the final film of the series the 8th film is also set to release in 2022.

I hope you like this informative article about some most anticipated movies of 2021.

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