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Education - April 9, 2021

How to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

In this article we will tell you that how you can learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021 from scratch? Before starting make sure register to Jeeto Ghar Say and also play some quizzes to earn money.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before jumping to how to learn Artificial Intelligence it is important to know what is Artificial Intelligence? It is building of such machines that are capable to perform tasks that require human intelligence.

Simply it concern with building of such machines that can think like humans and perform tasks like humans. AI is one of the demanding fields of the world.

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How to Learn Artificial Intelligence

how to learn artificial intelligence

Many people/students want to learn AI, but they don’t know where to start learning as Artificial Intelligence is a vast field. To start learning AI there are 3 questions:

  • What are Prerequisites?
  • How much time it takes?
  • From where we can learn AI?

Prerequisites to Start Learning Artificial Intelligence

Here are some things that you need to learn before diving into Artificial Intelligence:

Basic Maths

Most of the people afraid from Mathematics, but don’t worry you have to learn some basic skills of Mathematics like stats, calculus, and other basics. We will see in the next section that how you can learn it.

If you want to go in deep learning and deal with data like you want to enter in the field of Data Science, Mathematics is very important for these fields.

We will see in the next section(where to learn it), from where we can learn these things. So, Maths is important if you want to learn Artificial Intelligence.

Programming language

If you are a student of computer, you can understand how important is programming language. Programming language is a way of communication between humans and machines.

The best language for Artificial Intelligence is Python. Python is easy to learn and it is a general purpose language means you can develop apps, web scrapping, data extraction, data cleaning and much more.

We can perform AI tasks on python so you have to learn a language if you want to learn Artificial Intelligence, and python is best for it.


How Much Time it Takes to Learn Artificial Intelligence?

To become an AI expert you need some time. There are some course that promise, you will be an AI expert within 15 days or a month, but it is not true.

If you already learn all the prerequisites, you have good programming skills and you can spend up to 2 hours per day, then you can learn AI in 3-4 months.

If you want to be an expert, it takes up to 2 years to become an AI expert.

Where to Learn Artificial Intelligence for free

First thing you can do is hire an AI expert, if you want to spend money, but we will tell you some free ways to learn Artificial Intelligence.

The best free way to learn AI in lockdown is take online courses. There are many websites that are offering free AI courses. You can learn from Coursera.

Coursera has paid courses, but you can get these courses free by applying to financial aid and also get a certificate. You can see all videos without paying, but if you want a certificate you have to apply for aid

Similarly Udemy, EDX are offering some free courses and simpli learn website also has also number of free courses related to AI. There are number of other websites, but i prefer Coursera.