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Psychology - January 15, 2021

I Hate Myself: Do You? 5 Ways to Overcome Self Hatred

“I Hate Myself” If you are one of the those who do self-hatred then it is a serious problem. It is a problem that many of us have but we do not know about it how to overcome it. So there are the 5 ways that can help you to overcome self-hatred.

Identify Reason of Hatred

Everything that we do has some reason behind it, the same as the case with self-hatred. We do not hate ourselves unintentionally, there are many reasons for self-hatred. When the expectations do not meet according to us then it causes a reason for hatred. For example, you want to buy your favourite car, but you have not enough money to purchase it. Top 5 Easy Ways to Build Your Self Respect.

Then you will see yourself with the eyes of hate why you have not enough money to purchase this car. One way to finish that hate is to work hard to achieve your goals. There might be a chance you will get a more expensive car if you keep following your goals.

Apply Self-Compassion

We, humans, are not perfect so there is a chance of committing the mistakes. Many times, these mistakes are the cause of self-hatred. After committing a mistake learn from it, do not let them a reason for self-hatred. Beside learning show some compassion towards yourself. The same way you forgive your loved ones after mistakes, do the same thing with you. 10 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion and Overcome Your Shame.

When you try to convince yourself that it is a mistake, and you will not do that in future then your kind behaviour help you to overcome your self-hatred. So, apply self-compassion on yourself because it is one of the effective ways to overcome hatred attitude.

Get a Company of Positive People

A man is known by the company of his friends. Because friends company leave a lot of impacts on a man. These impacts can be in the form of a positive or negative form. So, it depends upon us which company we choose. If you are suffering from self-hatred, then the company of positive people can play a lot of roles. Smart Thinking: 5 Best Ways to Think Smart in Life.

Their positive advice can uplift your confidence which can be helpful to overcome your self-hate attitude. After getting positive confidence from them you will realize you can achieve your goals which you failed to get. So, get a company of positive people it will change your life in a new positive way.


In a time of difficulty where things are not going good for you then you should go with the option of meditation. It is a wrong concept that meditation is an activity of shutting your mind. Basically, meditation is a practice where a person uses techniques to keep their focus on one thing by keeping yourself calm. 10 Steps to Do a Better Decision Making.

Meditation can help you a lot in your life, it can help to choose a decision. It can help how to give reaction to those things that are going against you. In the problem of self-hatred, it helps you to find out the results why you hate yourself.

Challenge your Negative Thoughts

A thing that can give a tough time to you is your negative thoughts. To overcome your negative thoughts, you need to challenge it. Like a thing come in your mind “I hate Myself” then you need to question these thoughts. You would receive an answer like that I failed to do that thing, so I hate myself. 10 Best Ways to Get a Peace of Mind.

In that case, you need to train your mind no matter I failed; I will do it again until I passed. Your questions towards your negative thoughts can give you answers to every question if you do it with calmness. So, keep challenging your negative thoughts it will give you the reason for self-hatred.


I hope you get a lot of knowledge about self-hatred. You may have realized that it is not difficult to overcome this problem. You need to do practice whenever the self-hatred thing came in your mind. I hope you would be able to overcome this problem in a couple of weeks. If you like my article, then give your positive feedback. Do not forget to share with your loved ones.