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Technology - December 27, 2020

How will virtual reality technology change us?

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality as the name suggests is a reality based on virtual aspects meaning it is created by a computer to simulate a real world. We can interact with that reality created by some software using special hardware devices like 3D goggles and gloves. One of the most common example of virtual reality is 3D movies and games.

Virtual reality works by producing three dimensional images and simulate it to make it feel like real. It is done by using special equipment which has sensors that make our brain believe the artificial environment created in a software is real by detecting our movements as well as our senses and then simulate the environment according to the movement.

How will virtual reality technology change us?

The question how virtual reality will change has already been answered by its many applications which we are seeing now a days and the most common of them are video gaming and movies which gives game players or movie watchers more thrill and entertainment by providing the simulated environment around them. Here we will tell you how virtual reality can further change our day today lives.

Training of high-risk jobs:

Jobs which include risk when performing first can be done in a simulated environment created in a VR(virtual reality) like fire fighters can first train in virtual reality so that he can learn all procedures and safety protocols as well as emergency situations which will make him more experienced and confident before doing a real job. In a similar way cops, soldiers can train in virtual reality so they can perform better in real life scenarios.


Virtual reality can help us greatly in improving our education department. Children can learn more efficiently and with enthusiasm in virtual environment created just like the topic they are studying. It can also help great deal in understanding concepts which are hard to understand with just listening and hearing. Virtual trips can also be created for children if it’s unsafe for children to go for a field trip.

Virtual reality


A medical department can also get a great benefit from virtual reality. Like surgeons can first perform complex surgery in a simulated environment. To make their practice more experienced and confident before performing on a real patient. In the same way, medical students can learn more efficiently in a VR environment to gain practical skills. Patients who cannot go outside the hospital can experience the outer world in the hospital by using virtual reality. It will help patients psychologically and get them out of depression. Which starts to build by staying at the hospital all the time.

Interior design:

Virtual reality can help us in designing and decorating our house, office, shops, hotels and all other type of buildings. With virtual reality we can first check the simulated design of the room. And see that how it will look after decoration is done so if you don’t like the design you can just drop that  before actually buying the material for decoration and look for another design. So with that you can save time as well as money. Designers can also show their clients designs using vr so that they can get better idea of the design and choose the design of their interest.

Virtual reality


Virtual reality can also help us in construction industry as well. With VR, designers can actually show the construction workers exactly how the model looks by presenting a simulation of model in virtual reality. In this way construction workers can also know the minute details of the model by walking through virtual reality using VR goggles which interior as well as exterior of the building. A person who is building a new house can also check to see how his his will look after the construction is complete and he can make changes according to his how taste in the house which is not even built yet. So VR will actually revolutionize the construction industry.


So coming to conclusion Virtual reality is changing the present improvising the future and is still developing. No one knows the full potential of virtual reality yet and what other impossible things we will be able to perform with virtual reality in future.

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