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Technology - January 1, 2021

Game Addiction. Should we treat game addiction as a serious problem?

First games were only available in arcades where one could only remain for a certain amount of time but now in the world where PCs and Smart Phones are considered a necessity. Everyone can keep games in their phones and PCs and play them at any time and for any amount of time all they want. And now even the variety of games is so much that everyday a new game is coming out. One can just simply download and play the game they all they want. It’s nice to play games and enjoy yourself by playing different kind of games to pass free time. And it also a good way to release stress. But playing it all the time is just not good.

Game Addiction

Game Addiction

Now let’s talk about a term we often hear “addiction” but today we are not going to talk about drug addiction or gambling addiction. But another kind of addiction which people refer to as game addiction. Now let’s ask what is game addiction? Game addiction is playing games so much that it starts to hinder your daily life activities. Game addiction is not a scientific term and just used by common people. To refer to people who play a lot of games. Scientifically it is referred to as gaming disorder. But there is not much research on this area so the question of gaming addiction is still not answered correctly as  American Psychiatric Association (APA)  included video gaming in” condition requiring further study” in  the DSM-5 as internet gaming disorder.

Online Gaming

Games has been around since the previous century but there were not so many cases of gaming addiction at that time the reason is because at first games were just like a story. The game starts you play the game to achieve the goal set by the game. And when you achieve the goal like destroying the ene,y or saving a friend the story is over and also the game. So even if someone gets addicted to a game it would be for a really small amount of time until the game is over. But now as the world has become a global village same can be said about games too. Nowadays MMORPG(massively multiplayer online role-playing game) like the world of war craft or genshin impact or MMOG(massively multiplayer online game). Like COD are main stream which can be played and played but find no end. Because developers designed them to be like this. So a person who starts playing these online games. And find himself playing at all the time neglecting all other life activities can be said to be a game addict.

Game Addiction

Should we treat game addiction as serious problem?

After reading all that about gaming and its addiction the question arises how should we treat game addiction? Should we treat it as a serious problem like drug addiction or it’s not that severe. Game addiction can have same effects as of drug addiction like it can cause social difficulties, school life and sometimes even career. It’s not that severe(deadly) in terms of health but can still cause different mental problems due to constant playing migraine. Due to constant concentration on-screen or weakening of eyesight. Sometimes a person finds it difficult to live in real world because of hardships of the world. So it varies from person to person and should be handled according to amount of addiction. Some people do not consider playing games all the time an addiction

If a person has just enter into gaming addiction and hasn’t realize it. So it’s the responsibility of his near ones to warn him and try to rehabilitate him, it’s still not too late for him. But if a person has become so addict that it turns into social anxiety. That case should be referred to psychiatrist or to a rehabilitation center for treatment.


As we have heard “Excess of anything is bad” the same can be said about gaming. As it affects various terms of life. So one should enjoy from games but it should just remain for the source for enjoyment and not exceed from it especially online gaming if you are addicted to something easily. Choose your decisions wisely. Thank You.