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Psychology - April 1, 2021

Do you have a Fear of Failure? 5 Ways to Overcome

Fear of Failure is one of the problems that stop you to do something bigger in life. According to an American survey of 2016, more than 34 million people have some type of phobia and fear of failure is most common among them. So, people should take this fear very seriously because it all about their future. So here are the 5 ways to overcome the fear of failure.

Find the Source of Fear

The main and the first thing that you need to do is to find the source of fear. There are many sources of failure the first thing that starts from you is overthinking. If you think about one thing for a long time, then negativity about that thing will come up in your mind. The second thing that can affect you most is the company of bad friends; they will not give you confidence about what you are willing to do.

They will surely lose your confidence which may give you fear. In the end, one of the sources of fear of failure does not make up your mind on other failures. So do not do overthinking, keep away from bad friends and do not make up for the failures of others. How to Find the Source of Your Fears and Anxieties

Set Clear Mindset about Goals

Goals are very important to have in life. If you have goals in life, then keep working on them just like taking baby steps. Most of the times we have goals in life and most of the times we do not keep working on them, that type of attitude loses our dedication to that goal. So that causes the low capabilities or skills related to that goal which ultimately leads to fear. If you have a clear vision regarding your goal and you keep working on it then there will be no fear. So, keep working on your goals.

Visualize the Worst Failure

One of the big reasons for fear of failure is that we do not want to lose. We have no guts to feel and accept failure. It is human nature if you have ever gone through the worst scenario in life then if that phase comes again in your life then your fear about this time will be much less than the previous one. So, keep in mind the worst scenario of the outcome because you are the one who has to face it. So, visualize the worst failure it will give you a free hand to do everything the way you like to do.

Always think Positive and Motive

If a person has a quality of positivity and motives then surely, he will not face any type of fear of failure. Whatever the situation if some is spreading negativity about goals in front of you then do not worry. You have to be positive and motivated about your goals. You also have to do positive and motivational self-talk because you are the only motivational speaker for yourself all the time.

Learn from Failure

If we face failure in our work, it is not a bad thing the bad thing is that if you do not learn from failures. Many persons try to achieve something but repeating the same mistakes stop their way because they are not learning from it. You can also learn the lesson from other people failures and there are chances you can reach your destination on the first attempt. So, keep learning and practicing and you will surely not feel the fear of failure.


After reading this whole article you have realized that you need the effort to overcome your fear. Because you are the only one who is controlling himself most of the time. I hope you may get rid of your fear of failure problem. Do not forget to give your positive feedback and share it with your loved ones.