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Technology - December 28, 2020

Top 5 Emerging Technologies to watch in 2021

The time that we live in is a time of emerging technologies. Nowadays no job field can grow without technology. At the start of the 21st century, we are seeing many huge developments every year and technology is growing fast.

You can understand the technology speed in that way the things that are you using five years ago are not considered today. Like every year we see new technologies so here are below some top 5 emerging technologies to watch in 2021.

5G Technology

The World is entering the era of fifth-generation mobile technology and it will give a boost to every field. With the use of 5G the video calls, remote areas and everything will be closer to us. It is predicted that data flow rate will be so high even doctors can operate patients in surgery.

5G Technology Emerging Technologies

Besides the benefits in cellular technology, it will help Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Robotics and VR technologies to grow. So 5G is among the top emerging technologies to watch in 2021. How will virtual reality technology change us?


The World has become a global village, everyone is uploading and downloading data on many social platforms. The data on these platforms are in very huge amount and it is keep growing after every second. So, you cannot take the backup of data after every minute, so you need security to protect your data.

CyberSecurity Emerging Technologies

In that scenario, cybersecurity comes which gives you the protection of data. Besides the protection of data, it can find and remove false news. So, the increase in data makes cybersecurity one of the top emerging technologies to watch in 2021.

 Artificial Intelligence

The future of the world is Artificial Intelligence and there is no doubt about it. We are already watching the advantages of AI in a pandemic situation. Pandemic has increased the potential value of Artificial Intelligence.

 Artifical Intelligence Emerging Technologies

According to experts, more than 80 percent businesses are now relying on AI. It is expected that AI growth will be more than 90 billion dollars in 2023. The demand and use of AI in every field make it one of the top emerging technologies to watch in 2021.

Autonomous vehicles Industry

More than 1.4 billion cars on the roads and it is expected to reach the number of 2 billion by 2035. According to WHO approximately 1.35 million peoples die because of road accidents every year. So, to reduce the number of casualties the cars companies are bringing the technology of autonomous vehicles. 5 top autonomous vehicle companies to watch in 2020

Autonomous vehicles Industry Emerging Technologies

Some top vehicles companies Tesla and Waymo already introduced some autonomous features in vehicles. In some areas of the USA and China, some taxi autonomous vehicles are working but they are restricted in its area. So, more advancements in Autonomous vehicles and its usage on large scale will make it one of the top technologies to watch in 2021.

Data Science

As everybody knows that data in this world is increasing after every second and many companies are storing data on a huge scale. It must be in mind these companies are not wasting their storage space. In fact, they are using this data to get some useful information and then this information can be utilized to do a successful decision.

Data Science Emerging Technologies

As taking a decision is a backbone of companies if they frequently make wrong decisions then they will be destroyed. Now many tools of data science are available in the market but a need for data scientist has its own space. So that is why you will see data science one of the top emerging technologies in 2021.


After reading this blog you may have realized these are some top demanding fields which are playing a huge role in development. You can also choose Data Science, AI and Cyber as one of your job fields because these are the future fields. I hope you like my blog and don’t forget to share with your loved ones.