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Technology - January 17, 2021

Technologies that will Make Cybersecurity more Powerful in 2021

Cybersecurity: With the advancement in technology and IT, the human is progressing towards digitalization. But with that, there are even more threats to that digital society from hackers. Who uses the same advanced technology to breach the sensitive data and take control over it.

Also with the recent pandemic COVID-19, the cybersecurity is facing a serious blow from hackers. As many well-known organizations faced attacks from hackers and their websites were breached. Which posed a serious threat to cybersecurity in this pandemic where most of the people work from home.

A Brief Explanation of Cybersecurity and Why It Is Important in Business??

But with no security and protection from hackers how can one work safely from home. But with time cybersecurity is also improving as many companies are investing much from their budget to enhance the cybersecurity. According to the prediction that the market value of cybersecurity will increase to $230 billion which was at $193 billion in 2019. As you can see this is a huge market increase in cyber protection which is because of mainly due to COVID-19.

Here are some of the technologies that have or will make the cyber even more secure and prone to malicious attacks from hackers.

BlockChain role in Cybersecurity:

Blockchain technology which appeared back in 2008 by a group of people with name Satoshi Nakamoto. This technology is more than just a buzz. It’s the growing list of records which are blocks chain together through cryptography. The future of digital currency. How it going to change the world.

The reason why it will improve the cybersecurity is from how it is designed. The block of data cannot be altered without changing all other blocks of data chained together. Which makes it safe from hackers as for a hacker to attack a certain block. They will have to alter all the other blocks chained together with it which is not possible. Blockchain: Pros and Cons. What industries can get benefits? How exactly?

AI and Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are currently one of the most effective defence for cybersecurity. It defends against the malicious attacks of hackers through network modelling. AI analyzes the user’s behaviours and abnormalities in a network. And with the data, it gets from that it becomes easier for AI to determine the vulnerability of the network. For example, Gmail uses Ai to filter more than 100 million spams mail every day. MACHINE LEARNING CYBERSECURITY: HOW IT WORKS AND COMPANIES TO KNOW.

Iot Security:

According to estimation by 2025 there will be more than 4o billion IoT devices. But with such an increase, there are risks of more security breaches. But IoT protects the devices through robust and end to end security approaches to protect user data.

At early when IoT was released it was prone to security attacks. But now after its user has increased they have paid attention towards its security. And now there are many solutions to IoT devices like code protection, white box and Apps held. Which are integrated within a software development framework to protect IoT and embedded devices.

Cloud Technology in Cybersecurity:

Today many organizations and individuals store there data on the cloud. As the cloud provides security to the data present on it so more and more people are shifting to the cloud. Cloud security has been breached many times in the past leading to loss of sensitive data and information of many companies.

But cloud made the leap and bound advancement in recent years have now their data is even more secure by using virtualized firewalls, virtualized intrusion detection, and preventions systems, and virtualized systems make the system threat proof.

Cloud is right now is very common in e-commerce platforms like Shopify to handle customer data and even for gaming platforms like Lotto land to play games on the cloud. Therefore, which means that the cloud is now secure enough to defend against any kind hackers attack but nothing cannot be said about the future.

Hardware Authentication:

Authentication using user name and password is quite weak against hackers and can be easily breached. So there is a need of more secure and robust way of authentication and that is hardware authentication.

It works by the approach that relies on physical device which creates a basic password for the device so that user can log in through that along with the user own password. So without that device generated password hacker can’t get access to the resource just with the user password.


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