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Education - February 22, 2021

5 Common Study Problems Students face in their Life

Every student has some common study problems in their life which create a lot of pressure on him. So here are the top 5 common study problems and their solutions that student face in their study life.

No Time management

One of the problems that are faced by many students is no time management. Many people who have got success in their life is just because of managing the time. If someone set the timetable for the whole day, then he would not face a problem of what to do now.

The second thing the person needs to do is to follow his timetable, he needs to be consistent and motivated to follow his timetable. Because if he has a timetable and he is not motivated then it would be difficult for a student to change his life.

No Money

In a student life, student mostly thinks about one problem which is no money. The whole student life is depending upon money like tuition fee expenses, daily basis expenses and some of them have hostel expenses. Many parents support their children but many of them cannot, so in case students must meet all their expenses which creates problems for them.

So, to overcome the matter of money students need to do part-time work which can be fruitful for them. Even in some cases, students are managing their expenses as well for their family. So, for students, there is a need for effort to overcome problems.


Many students are facing the problem of depression due to many reasons. Depression for students can be in the form of low marks, no money and personal matter. Depression always has a negative impact on a student life which stops him to have a peaceful mind, grow and learn more knowledge. 10 Best Ways to Get Peace of Mind

In this depression scenario, the student finds a shortcut way to get rid of depression. This shortcut can be like taking drugs and alcohol which may be a peace of mind for just a few seconds, but it throws student into the hell of depression. So, the solution for these types of common study problems is that students need to forget the mistakes and then start the journey again and do not indulge in the drug’s activities.

Bad Health Condition

All the thing that we can do is just because of good health. Good health helps us to do a routine task of more than 10 hours which is not supported by bad health. So, it is very necessary for the student to keep his health in good form otherwise problems are waiting for him.

Reasons for bad health can be inappropriate food, improper sleep, and unhealthy activities. Students need to have proper and timetable food, take a sleep of 8 hours and do physical activities like Football or jogging. So, keep your health as the first preference in every matter because it will help you to solve these common study problems among students.

No Motivation

Everything that we do has a motivation behind it. Without motivation, we will not be able to achieve something that we want to get. Many students are also facing this problem they are not motivated for their studies and this is one of the dangerous common study problems. 10 ways to motivate yourself to study

The reason for their problem is that they are taking more interest in other activities, unlike studies. Another reason for their no interest in studies can be that they are not trying to understand their courses. So, motivation is very necessary for students if they want to keep their interest in their studies.


After reading the above common study problems among students you may have realized these problems must be solved. If you have these problems, then try to follow the solution discusses in every problem. I hope you will get rid of these problems if you have these problems. If you like my article, then give your positive feedback. Do not forget to share with your loved ones.