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Entertainment - January 6, 2021

Best Netflix Series to Watch

There are a lot of TV shows and series that are available to watch. But the best of the best that are worth to watch is on another level.  There are many classic series that can catch anyone eye. There is a lot of thrillers drama series that can provide you with thrill and suspense at the same time.

Following is the list of some best Netflix series that can take you with storm. You’ll find plenty of other classics in our selection of the best Netflix, too: Queen Gambit, Office, Mindonter, Money Heist, The Witcher and Sex Education, Sacred Games are just a few of the ones we love.

Body Guard

Bodyguard is Judd Mercurio’s latest show, a British writer and director behind the bodies and accustomed to your seat by a line of duty police procedure. The bodyguard, however, takes the step and important step until Tytler’s security guy (Richard Maiden) is assigned to protect an elderly politician (Kelly Hughes), as long as their professional relationship is mutually exclusive. But don’t get into personal relationships.

It was criticized at the time of its release because it was not realistic, but you probably wouldn’t care if you slipped through the bodyguard’s relentless, breathless pace. The series is full of thrill and suspense that you will enjoy a lot. Due to its thrill and suspense it made its name into Best Netflix series list.


Dark is a classic series featuring many famous stars. The story of this series is about time travel by a man into the past present and future. The time repeats itself after every 33 years. It is basically a story about a group of confused time travellers. The main character is a kid named Jonas which has returned from a mental health facility from France where he was getting clinical help. The kid found a doorway in a cave which enables him and the others to travel through time.

All in all the series is a thriller in itself you must watch it carefully to understand the timeline. Due to its thrill and suspense it made its name into Best Netflix series list.


The rating of this show can be strongly and fairly called ‘culprit happiness’. This American horror story creator Ryan Murphy’s latest show is still his one of the best Netflix endeavor – primarily a prelude to the One Code of the Cocoa nest, Richard (Sarah Paulson) to work at the Experimental Psychological Center Blackmailed his way, which is home to assassins and other colorful characters. It’s sometimes very violent, but it is also very campus – really, no different from an classic American horror story. The featured cast of Vincent de Onofrio, Sharon Stone and Cynthia Nixon in the supporting cast is a big hit for Rachael Netflix – not surprisingly, Rachael Season 2 has already been confirmed. Due to its thrill and suspense it made its name into Best Netflix series list.

The Umbrella Academy

Netflix has revealed clearly that it doesn’t need to collaborate with Marvel to create a iconic superhero show, as evidenced by this strange adaptation of a comedy series created by Gerard Way and Gabriel B. At Umbrella Academy, the superpower siblings – Hargreaves – reunite after the murder of their adoptive father, and together they have to put an end to it.

The show is great for superhero drama fans. They will enjoy it full enthusiasm. The story of the series is  around a group of siblings that have super powers they use it to help people in need.

Hope you enjoy watching these Best Netflix Series.

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