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Technology - February 1, 2021

Best messaging apps to use in 2021

Phones were first discovered so that people can call and text each other. But now phones are not only used for these but also for a lot more of things. In a similar way messaging and calling has also gone to a new stage where you can video call each other also messaging has also gone beyond just text messaging. You can now send pictures as well as videos and lots of other things like stickers and pdf documents. We also have so much variety of applications which we can use to chat each other and here we will be discussing some of the most well know messaging applications which will be on top even in 2021 as the margin of users between them and other applications is very high.

Here are some must try messaging apps for 2021.


Whatsapp messenger is one of the most popular messaging app in the world. Playstore has about 5 billion downloads of Whatsapp. The reason for Whatsapp popularity is its simple yet unique design which runs smoothly and is very convenient for chatting and calling. It is end to end encrypted with services like VoIp voice and video calls .Just at the start of 2021 Whatsapp policy has been changed by its owner which has effected its number of users but even then Whatsapp is till reigning over the messaging apps.

Google SMS

Google SMS  is an messaging application developed by Google in 2014. By 2020 Google SMS has passed 1 billion downloads on paly store. It also supports RCS features. But it has no end to end encryption until in November 2020 Google announced that end to end encryption will be rolled out to users with beta testers that month. It is also integrated with Google video calling app Duo. It also supports messaging through web but phone also has to be connected to internet.


Line is a Japanese chatting and calling app with around 800 million users. The reason for less users is that it not much known in west or you can say nobody knows about line in West. But Line is very popular among Japanese and Koreans. Line is available in Android, iOS, Windows, Window phones and even in browsers such as chrome. You can play games on Line Game only if you have a Line account.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a sub application of Facebook used for chatting among Facebook users. As Facebook is the most popular social media. Its user have to use Facebook messenger to chat among themselves. So it is used by almost every Facebook user. But not only that no messenger can be used to for cahtting calling even without Facebook. So it has become a messaging app wit 1.3 billion users worldwide. Facebook messenger can also be used for marketing through chatbots and are very effective as email open rate is 5-10% but an messenger message open rate is 60-70%. So its also best for your marketing business.


In china, you can use but one messaging app and that is Wechat. WeChat is not only a messaging and calling app but you can use it as a social media platform and also for making your digital payments. Wechat has more than 1 billion users from which 90% are Chinese. It mostly used in China and Bhutan. We chat has almost all the features which are available in another messaging app like video calling video and sharing voice notes sharing and even location sharing. It also allows users to exchange contacts via Bluetooth and also contacting people at random if they are open for it.


If you are looking for security and privacy in messaging you should go for signal. Signal is a secure and well trusted messaging system with end to end encryption. Unlike other applications signal’s software is open source. Signal was launched in 2014 and has more than 10 million downloads. On January 7 2021 signal saw a surge in new users which overwhelmed signals capacity to provide account verification messages. This surge was due to a tweet by Elon Musk who tweeted to use signal as it was more secure. But it was also connected to Whatsapp change in privacy policy about user’s data collection on Facebook.

so these are the some must try messaging apps for 2021.

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