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Education - February 15, 2021

4 Major Advantages of E-Learning

E-Learning has become a major part of our society in 2020 and now in 2021. This is because of the Covid Pandemic which has affected all the people around the globe.  In some countries, E-Learning is also very difficult due to the lack of facilities like internet and accessories required to take online sessions. The advantages of e-learning are numerous. It also has some disadvantages but it does not compare able to its benefits.

Here are some advantages that set e-learning apart from others various learning methods. Following are some important ones that I considered most effective.

Self-Paced Study


There are various students who prefer their own time table. So students who study online can schedule their own time table without making any personal sacrifices in order to meet the class attendance requirements of traditional universities and teachers.  Some of the benefits of e-learning include effectiveness, efficiency, convenience and reusability. There are also some researches that show that the online study results in peace of mind for students. Self-paced learning leads to increase study concentration and reduced stress resulting in improved learning out come in terms of both grade and skill level. 

Time Efficient

E-learning shortens the learning tie down to 25 to 65% as compared to the old fashioned and traditional classroom learning.  The benefits combine with self-paced study this results in a highly time efficient learning solution both for the students and as well as the teachers.

In learning institutions making changes to school or college time table is a long and a very complicated process which is often avoided due to its complexity. However in e-learning classes can be scheduled any time and backlog can be avoided by making lectures videos.  Also it helps save a great deal of expenses on hiring persons for only making time table or schedules of different classes.  

No Need of Text Books

On an average college spends close to $1300 per year on textbooks alone. The total value of the textbook industry is $8 to $10 billion. In addition to colleges students also finance their textbook purchase from their student loan. The loan is a very main cause of student increased stress and depression.

The massive of benefit of e-learning is that it requires absolutely no textbooks from its students.  All the material for study can be found on internet without any restrictions. The material from internet can be updated any time and infinite times unlike textbooks.

Environmental Friendly

On average, on-campus or distant learning curricula use 90% less energy. And emitted 85% lesser CO2 emissions than traditional university courses. Also, since e-learning is a paperless learning method. It does not contribute to many of the environmental issues associated with paper production. For example, the paper does not need to cut down trees or build paper cellulose factories that cause environmental pollution in the surrounding areas.

So by above points we can say that e-learning is very useful for not only students and teachers but also for the environment. Hope this article increases your knowledge.

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